Thundersword Mercenaries

Welcome to Red Larch

“So remind me again why it’s us walking for days out of Waterdeep instead of that Thornton broad?” said a grumpy female voice from under the hood of a rain-soaked cloak.

“Her coin says so, that’s why. I’m not any happier about this either. She wants to know about this missing delegation, so we find out. It’s easy money. We just hit the tavern when we get to ”/wikis/Red%20Larch/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Red Larch and get some intel to send back", a deep gravelly voice replies..

“Besides”, says a third voice, this is the Long Road. “There might be some price-gouging merchant caravans that would need to be relieved of their excess wealth.”

Turning a bend in the road, Meganne spots a guard patrol waling the opposite way who seem to have taken an interest in the trio. “Heads up lads, looks like local law has spotted us. Think our posters made it all the way out here?”



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